Jetperch LLC is an engineering services company dedicated to providing exceptional quality and value to our clients.  We tackle hardware and software development challenges across industries including Consumer Electronics, Telecom and Industrial.  We create value by combining our creativity, intellect, rapid learning and skills with good old-fashioned hard work.  Contact us to accelerate your next project!

Key Services Offered

Jetperch offers a portfolio of hardware and software design and development services.  Our capabilities include:

  • Digital signal processing (DSP) design, development and test
  • Embedded software development for microcontrollers
  • Motion sensing applications with MEMS sensors
  • Field programmable gate array (FPGA) architecture, design, development and test
  • System engineering, planning and feature analysis
  • Startup engineering consulting – Starting a new venture, either a new company or a new product in an existing business, can be a daunting task.  Jetperch has experience building high‑performing, innovative, interdisciplinary engineering teams.  From refining product concepts to interviewing key engineers, Jetperch can reduce the risk in your next venture.
  • Turnkey product development – In collaboration with our partners, we offer full turnkey product development including product architecture, mechanical design, hardware printed circuit board (PCB) design and software design.  Software design capabilities include bare-metal microcontroller design, real-time operating system (RTOS) applications, Linux and Windows.

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